Create a full concept for a new vegetarian restaurant, located in Gothenburg, Sweden. The restaurant should clearly market itself as a vegetarian place and attract a target audience who makes conscious choices about what they eat. Environment, health, and ethics are the most important, but so is having a completely novel experience.
The restaurant is located underground. As you step down you enter a new world, and find yourself at the source of all life. You are surrounded by rustic roots and earth, an interior which breathes hearty luxury. The food served falls into three categories: underground, on the ground, and above ground. Guests are served a variety of roots, grains, vegetables, and fruits, which represent the three categories. Everything at OKA is locally produced, from food and drinks to the recycled wooden menus and interior decor. The name? It comes from from the root vegetable Oca (Oxalis Tuberosa), originally from South America. Using home grown Oca, the restaurant also makes its own brandy and chips.

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