Jennie Hansson | Huldas Restaurang
Portfolio for Graphic Designer and Art Director Jennie Hansson.
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Hulda’s Restaurant

Newly opened Hulda’s Restaurant needed a logotype and visual concept. Hulda’s serves traditional home-style Swedish cooking, inspired by the forest, the sea, and the farm.



Hulda is everyone’s loving aunt. She always makes you sandwiches on home-made bread, and spoils you when you visit. She loves to walk in the forest and by the sea, from where she takes all of the inspiration for her cooking – and from her own farm, of course. She is warm, breathes love, and she always has a cheeky joke to make you laugh. Welcome to Aunt Hulda’s newly opened restaurant, where she shares with you her love for Sweden’s nature and cuisine.


Jennie Hansson


Art direction, Graphic design